Each Deal shows only your hand during the Bidding pages. You are asked to decide what bid/call you would make for the hand and when you have decided you click BID to go to the next page where the recommended bid is shown with any appropriate comments. This continues throughout the Bidding section, and when the final bid is made your partner's hand is also shown.

With both hands visible and the opening lead noted you are asked to make a Plan for each Deal. You should think this through just as if you were at the table. When you have the Plan in your mind, click NEXT.

Don't short-change yourself, it is very easy to just click and see the "answer", but you will get more out of it by making your own Plan and then comparing.

All Notrump Plans include a Winner Count and all Suit Plans include a Loser Count.

During the Bidding section you are in the South position. As a result of that some of the Deals would end up with your partner North as the Declarer. When that happens you click ROTATE to orient the hand so South becomes the Declarer.

In the last section the full deal, East/West hands included, is shown.

You may use the left Navigation panel to go to any numbered Deal you like, or you may just go to the Next Deal by clicking the link at the bottom of the final section of a Deal.

If you experience a problem with the formatting of the Deals it may be due to the Text Size you are using in your browser. Go to the View menu and adjust Text Size.


The following System/Conventions apply:
Normal point count including 1 length point for any card more than 4 in any suit.
5-cards to open in a Major suit.
15-17 points for 1NT, 20-21 points for 2NT openings.
22+ points to open 2♣.
2 waiting response with 7 points or less.
Stayman convention.
Gerber convention.
Blackwood convention.
Weak 2-bids with 6-card suit and 6-11 points.
Take-out Doubles.

Occasionally a little extra informal convention may be shown, always with a brief explanation.

100 Deals are easily worth more than another 1000 words.

You can either go through the Deals in order or use the Navigation bar at left.

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