Because of the Defensive element, the most important requirement for an Overcall is that you have a good suit, one that you'd like partner to lead. Keep in mind:
  a 5-card or longer suit with honor strength
  9-16 points to overcall at the 1-level
  11-16 points to overcall at the 2-level

  Takeout Doubles

There are three kinds of Takeout Double:
  - opening hand strength, no more than 2 of opponent's suit, at least 3 in all other suits
  - strong Overcall type, at least 17 points and a good suit. Double, then bid the suit.
  - strong Notrump type, 19+ points, stopper in their sit. Double, then bid notrump.

Responding to a Takeout Double
  0-8 points, bid your best suit as cheaply as possible
  9-11 points, jump in your best suit
  12 or more points, cue-bid the opponent's suit

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