Partnership Bidding Practice

All of us have probably sat around with a partner and dealt out random hands to try to get some bidding practice in. Some of them were useful but many were not. These pages contain many hands which have been pre-dealt for you, and they are all pertinent to the named topic.

Each topic has a brief Review and 24 Practice Deals.
Clicking on any Deal takes you to a box where you choose to be NORTH or SOUTH.
The basic idea is that the two partners are in verbal contact with each other, but are looking at just their own hand. For our partnership we each have a computer in the same room but we sit back to back. Perhaps you and your partner each have a laptop/pad to use while you're in a coffee shop. I'm sure you will get the idea and be creative.

So you bid verbally until you reach the final contract, then each of you click the BIDDING button to have a look at the "Recommended Bidding" and a few comments.

The difficulty level of the sets varies with the topic. Obviously the Roman Key Card Blackwood topic is tougher than the Very Basic Notrump Bidding topic. Hopefully there is something here for everybody.

 Very Basic Notrump Bidding GO 
 Very Basic Major Suit Bidding GO 
 Basic Bidding With No Conventions GO 
 Stayman and Jacoby Transfers GO 
 Weak Two-bids and Preemptive Three Bids GO 
 Strong Two-Club Openings GO 
 Blackwood and Gerber GO 
 Roman Key Card Blackwood GO 
 Jacoby 2NT and Splinter Bids GO 
 Competitive Bidding: Overcalls and TakeOut Doubles GO 
 Competitive Bidding: Negative Doubles and Cue-Bid Support GO 
 Fourth Suit Forcing, New Minor Forcing, Help Suit Game Try GO