Weak Two-bids
Open 2, 2 or 2♠ with a 6-card suit headed by some honors and fewer 4-9 HCP.

Response of a new suit is not forcing. (Note: some pairs play this 1-round force)
Raise of Opener's suit is to play.
Response of 2NT is forcing and asks for further information.
After 2NT Response, Opener bids:
  3 of original suit to show a weak hand
  3 of another suit to show a good hand with high card in that suit
  3NT with a suit of A K Q x x x

Preemptive Bids
An opening bid of 3 of any suit shows a 7-card suit and less than opening hand.

This is primarily a defensive bid, and you should be mindful of vulnerability, being more cautious when you are Vulnerable against Non-Vulnerable opponents. For these Deals assume neither side is Vulnerable.
As a rule of thumb, Responder should assume Opener can win six tricks and bid accordingly.

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