Strong 2-♣ Opening

Open 2♣ on any hand containing 22 or more points.
OR, open 2♣ with a hand containing 19-21 points and with 9+ playing tricks.

There are several methods of responding. For these Deals use the 2 Negative for all hands with 7 or fewer points. Any other response shows 8 or more points.

The 2♣ bid is artificial; Opener's second bid describes her hand.
  2NT shows a balanced 22-24 point hand
  3NT shows a balanced 25-27 point hand
  2 of a suit shows a 5-card or longer suit

With a very weak hand (0-3 points) Responder should bid the "second negative" at his second turn. This is usually 3♣, but if Opener bids 3♣ then it is 3. If Opener should bid 3 at his second turn the second negative bid is 3.

Later bidding depends on the partnership, but unless particular conventions are in use then later bidding is natural.

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