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FSF : Suppose the partnership has already mentioned three suits, and the player who is next to bid wants to make a forcing bid but has no bid that is really descriptive of his hand. He just bids the fourth suit (whether he has it or not). This asks partner to further describe her hand.

NMF : Similar to FSF, this is Responder's second bid after she makes a suit response to partner's suit opening and Opener then bids Notrump. Bidding a previously unbid (New) minor suit asks for further description.

HSGT : When the bidding starts 1Major - 2Major, Opener can invite to game by bidding 3Major. A more descriptive invitation is to bid a different suit; this is also an invitation to game but asks partner to pay particular attention to whether he can "Help" in that suit.

BakerBridge has complete lessons for these three conventions.

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