Suppose the bidding starts:
  1 - 2    or     1♠ - 2♠.

The trump suit is set, both partners know the final contract will be in that agreed suit.

Responder has shown 6-10 points, so:
  if Opener has a minimum (13-15 point) hand he will pass, knowing there is no game, and
  if Opener has a maximum (19-21 point) hand he will bid the game (4/4♠).

When Opener has a medium (16-18 point) hand he cannot tell yet whether game is possible.
In standard bidding he can INVITE by bidding 3 of the suit. This tells Responder to pass the 3-bid if he has 6 or 7 points, but bid game if he holds 9 or 10 points.

Help Suit Game Try is an improvement on that invitational 3-bid. Rather than bidding 3 of the agreed suit, Opener bids a DIFFERENT suit at his second turn. This cannot be an attempt to find a fit because an 8-card Major fit has already been found. It is just the same invitation, asking partner to bid game in the agreed suit with 9-10 points, to pass with 6-7 points, BUT TO USE HIS HOLDING IN THE NEW SUIT if he has a 'close-call'. In other words, if Responder has Help in that suit he should bend over backward to bid the game.

Bidding sequences like:
  1 - 2
  3 - 4

will be replaced by:
  1 - 2
  3♣ - 4

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