Sometimes, (but not very often), you have a hand so strong that you want to Open with a bid that partner will absolutely not pass. In the early days of Bridge an Opening Bid of 2 in any suit was that bid. In modern times 2♠, 2 and 2 have become weak opening bids and only 2♣ survives as the 'Demand' bid.

To open 2♣ you should have:
  • 22 or more points, or
  • enough playing strength to be within one trick of game in your own hand (long suit)
Responder MUST answer this bid, he may not pass. Two different approaches exist.

The STEPS Response method uses artificial responses showing 3 point intervals:
  • 0-3 points : bid 2
  • 4-6 points : bid 2
  • 7-9 points : bid 2♠
  • 10-12 points : bid 2NT (and so on)
The 2 WAITING Response method uses these responses:
  • 0-7 points : bid 2
  • 7+ points : bid a 5-card suit, 2, 2♠, 3♣ or 3
  • 7+ points : bid 2NT with no 5-card suit
Opener will then use these guidelines for his second bid:
  • 22-24 points : bid 2NT with a balanced hand. Responder may pass this if he is very weak
  • 25-27 points : bid 3NT with a balanced hand. Responder will pass this with fewer than 6 points
  • bid a 5-card suit. Responder may not pass at his next turn.
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